Indicazione Geografica Tipica

  • Cabernet

At la Prendina, the Cabernet reaches its full ripening towards late. The grapes are manually harvested, pressed and destemmed in a single day. 

During the fermentation regular pumpings alternate with some delestages. The temperature profile is expected to start at 25 ° C on the first day and then continue at about 20 ° C. The malolactic fermentation is done at the same time as the alcoholic fermentation in order to preserve the olfactory nuances of the fruit. The aging takes place in small barrells which are not new and in contact with fine lees for at least 8 months. 

The favorable pedoclimatology of the place makes this cabernet a precious expressive example of the pyrazinic notes typical of the variety with total absence of herbal and vegetable hints.

This wine is perfect with meats and dishes that require nerbo and structure.

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