Denominazione di Origine Controllata

  • Sauvignon

Of the three clones of Sauvignon used for this wine, one is Italian and the other two are French. 

After destalking, the grapes are chilled and then pressed. They are then left to macerate for a few hours, before the must is separated as this allows an optimum extraction of the aromatic components. 

The must is then clarified and as soon as the fermentation starts, a little part of it is put into new barriques and the rest in stainless steel vats. 

After the alcoholic fermentation, the wine is chilled to prevent the malocatic fermentation and reduce the tartaric acidity. In March, the wine is blended and bottled. 

The position and the soil conditions give this Sauvignon a special character which is able to emphasize the structure and the vegetable and fruit notes leaving the pepper tone for the end.

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